2016 Season Prep

2016 Season Prep


As 2016 Rolls up Rettew Motorsports is hard at Work Prepping for the 2016 Season with a lot of great things to come. The Team has been hard at work building and assembling the Brand New Sting3r the newest J&B Chassis to become the new ultra Modern Stinger Chassis and they are coming oh so close to getting it done, just yesterday(Dec, 5th, 2015) It Started up and Moved for the 1st Time.



Also to go along with the awesome state of the art new J&B Chassis Sting3r is a Brand new Stinger look and body made by the Myers Family.

More with Rettew Motorsports

In 2016, along with Stinger getting a brand new chassis, design and body also comes a new Ride truck, body and design. A New Race Truck based on the old Stinger Chassis with a new name aswell as many more great things to come in from Rettew Motorsports in 2016 and we can’t wait for it and we hope you are as excited as us, see you in 2016!                                                                                       – Gideon Bernard


Busy Spring Season So Far For Rettew Motorsports

Ever since our winter season, the most consistently busy season of our year, concluded back at the end of March, we’ve had enough time on our hands to done some work around the shop as well as perform and show off the big bad Stinger around our great home state of Pennsylvania!

Since our winter season concluded, the team has been hard at work on a very special restoration project. This new addition to Rettew Motorsports is one vehicle that is very unique, and a lot of old school monster truck fans know it by heart.

That’s right – Car Killer is coming back! Pictured above is not the completely original tank, as the team has already nearly completed its restoration! After completely stripping it down to a bare frame then promptly rebuilding it, this whole restoration took a little under 2 months to complete. With a fresh engine and transmission, redone interior, and a new old school metal Ford pickup body; Car Killer is nearing completion and is almost ready to run in exhibition on the Monster Events tour this summer!

Zane has also been rocking behind the wheel of Stinger! His last event was at the LuLu Shriners Arena in Plymouth Meeting, PA with KSR Motorsports. With a great freestyle on Friday night and more great performances in racing for the remainder of the weekend, Zane left those Plymouth Meeting fans wanting more from the monster scorpion!

There will be more big things happening for the remainder of our spring season as well as our summer and fall seasons, so stay tuned here to see happens with Rettew Motorsports throughout 2015!

New Merchandise Available At Our Next Event In Plymouth Meeting, PA

There are a lot of new things happening to Rettew Motorsports this year, from adding new vehicles to the roster along with expanding our spring/summer/fall schedule. But one new thing that we know you awesome Stinger fans will love is new, freshened up merchandise!

We have brand new t-shirts being printed up as we speak coming in all sorts of sizes and colors! Featuring awesome new graphics as well as a great photograph of Stinger courtesy of Dalton Hastings (DJH Photography), the t-shirts will come in black, light blue, lime green, and hot pink.

We also have brand new Stinger hero cards coming up too! These 8″x10″ hero cards feature awesome pictures of Stinger and some fun facts and information about the truck!

All of this new merchandise will be available beginning at our next event at the LuLu Shriners Arena in Plymouth Meeting, PA with KSR Motorsports. Be sure to make your way out on May 22nd-24th to watch us run!

The 2015 First Quarter Is A Wrap!

Man, what a busy year it has been so far! 2015 has definitely proved to be a roller coaster of a year so far! From having some tough breaks to picking up a few wins along the way, the awesome Stinger fans definitely got a show from us week-in and week-out!

We started the year off with Monster Jam at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH with their new wild hybrid style of track for arenas, which has proved to be a challenge for many drivers. Luckily, Zane handled it with ease! As the first quarter progressed, Zane started getting more and more comfortable with the newer track layouts, and he started to go harder and fly higher as each week went!

We were fortunate enough to wrap up the first quarter of our 2015 season at the Harrisburg Farm Complex in Harrisburg, PA with Race Track Promotions, as we got to perform in front of our most hardcore fans, best of friends, family, and sponsors! We threw it down in front of Harrisburg fans and they definitely left the arena with Stinger in their minds after two wild shows full of action!

As we prepare for our spring season, we would like to take this time to send out a big thanks to our sponsors that kept the Stinger flying high and kicking butt all winter long!
Black Rock Fabrication, Buck Motorsports Park, J&B Motorsports, The Metal Shop, SMP Aluminum Polishing & Mobile Truck Washing, CPS Graphix, Jay R. Reynolds, INC., 717 Wraps & Graphics, HJ Towing, Ed’s Transmissions & Auto

Intense Action In Allentown For Week #11 Of The 2015 First Quarter

This past weekend was going to be a relaxing off weekend for Zane, Buddy, and Stinger, but when Monster Jam comes calling, you answer! Zane was able to be part of the official debut of monster trucks at the PPL Center in Allentown, PA with Monster Jam this past weekend with four sold out shows at the helm!

Despite not picking up any wins, Zane ran consistent the entire weekend; putting up good performances in the wheelie contest, obstacle course, donut contest, and freestyle at all four shows. Each sold out crowd loved watching the home state hero fly high and make some noise on the huge PPL Center floor.

The PPL Center had never had a monster truck show in it before, but the Allentown fans got one heck of a showing when Monster Jam brought 7 other elite drivers and monster trucks in to run all out. Zane and Buddy and the rest of the Rettew Motorsports team were honored to take part in the inaugural event, and hopefully this means more events to come in downtown Allentown for the future!

The team is already back at HQ preparing the truck for the final weekend of action in the first quarter of their 2015 season, and it’s happening close to home this coming weekend! Stinger will once again be attending the always great Race Track Promotions event at the Harrisburg Farm Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for two action packed shows on Saturday, March 21st! Our hardcore Pennsylvania fans will not want to miss this one!

Rear Wheel Riding Into The Winner’s Circle In Wilkes-Barre

After many weeks on the road in other great states, Zane was very happy to get to perform in front of his hardcore home state fans at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, PA for Monster Jam!

Stinger had been running strong the entire weekend, finishing near the top at the Friday night and Saturday afternoon events. At the Saturday night event in the wheelie contest, Zane stood on the Hot Foot a little bit too hard when going for a huge sky wheelie off of the steepest and most vertical ramps on the track and wound up rolling the truck over backwards, causing serious fiberglass damage. Nearly every panel received damage from the rollover, but the team was able to get every damaged piece off of it in time to return for freestyle.

Sunday afternoon went a little better as Zane picked up his second win of the first quarter season by winning the wheelie contest, but also destroying the signature Stinger tail and wheelie bar in the process.

Despite suffering some major fiberglass damage, everyone worked hard to get the truck pieced back together and ready to rock for this coming weekend at the PPL Center in Allentown, PA for Monster Jam! See you all out there!

Double Header For Week 8

For the first time in the 2015 season, Zane piloted Stinger for the Toughest Monster Truck Tour at the Covelli Centre in Youngstown, Ohio! Stinger has had great success in the past with the Toughest Monster Truck Tour, and this past weekend was no exception!

Zane drove Stinger hard for all of his great Ohio fans, and he even went up against some of the toughest names in monster trucks today – Bigfoot, Over Bored, Quad Chaos, Heavy Hitter, and River Rat. There was no room for error in the wheelie contest, racing, and freestyle, as each driver piloted their machines to the fullest to try to grab a win.

Stinger definitely got some time on its tail as Zane walked the truck into some neat wheelies in both the wheelie contest and freestyle. He even pulled off an incredible save during freestyle on Friday night where he got the truck onto its sidewalls and was able to bring it back down onto all four wheels. All-in-all, he was able to bring home a wheelie contest victory at the Saturday night show!

Now, not only did Zane and Stinger tear it up in Youngstown, but he was also called in to fill in for Mechanical Mischief at the Monster Jam show at the WesBanco Arena in Wheeling, WV. It was a wild show with 5 competitions packed into a 2 hour time frame, but Zane got the job done. Despite not taking home any wins, all of the fans loved Stinger for the team’s debut in Wheeling!

We would like to thank the Toughest Monster Truck Tour for inviting us to run at their event in Youngstown and another thanks to Monster Jam for calling us in last minute to tear it up at their show in Wheeling! Another shout out to the fans in Ohio and West Virginia for coming out and watching us run! Next stop – the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, PA for a weekend of Monster Jam action!

Worcester Was Wild For Week 7

The DCU Center was host to another weekend of crazy Monster Jam action in the great city of Worcester, MA! Zane, Buddy, and Stinger were making their first visit to the arena for what was expected to be a pretty hectic four show weekend.

At the Friday night show, Zane finished 7th place in the wheelie contest by earning a score of 24 out of 40 points. He then followed it up by finishing 5th in the obstacle course with a time of 15.767 seconds, falling short of the first round win to Marc McDonald in El Toro Loco in racing, and 6th in freestyle with a 24.

It took one show to get the truck used to running the newer style of arena course which incorporated stadium like obstacles on a downsized scale. The Saturday afternoon show went a little smoother right off the bat. Zane finished 2nd place in the wheelie contest with a 29, but after a strong performance in racing, he got an awesome freestyle going until an obstacle tripped him up and rolled him over for his first rollover of the season. Luckily, there was only fiberglass damage, so Stinger was ready for show #3.

Zane took a middle of the pack performance in the wheelie contest by earning a good score of 27 and placing 5th at the Saturday night show. He then went on to run strong in racing but came just short of the first round win to Michael Vaters in Monster Mutt Rottweiler, then took 5th place in the donut contest with a 22 and 9th place in freestyle with a 21.

The final show of the weekend took place on Sunday afternoon, and it was another hard running day for Stinger and the team. Zane took another 2nd place finish in the wheelie contest with a strong score of 34, and then went into 5th place once again in the donut contest and freestyle to round out the weekend.

Despite suffering some minor fiberglass damage to the roof of the concept body after the Saturday afternoon show along with some minor mechanical damage including a broken spindle after a strong, hard running Sunday afternoon show freestyle, Zane, Buddy, and the truck had a great weekend in the New England region! We would like to thank all of the fans for braving the cold and still coming out to the DCU Center to watch Stinger tear it up this past weekend! Our next stop is at the Covelli Centre in Youngstown, OH for our first show with the Toughest Monster Truck Tour of the 2015 season!

Another Schedule Change For The First Quarter Of 2015

We have had two schedule changes done already, but here’s lucky #3! We were supposed to haul out west to Memphis, TN to run at the FedExForum, but due to another truck not being able to make it to the Monster Jam event at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA, we will be heading up north for the weekend!

This will be our first visit to the DCU Center and we’ll have some stiff competition on hand, with the likes of 2014 Monster Jam World Finals Young Guns Shootout champion Mike Vaters Jr. in Overkill Evolution, Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger, El Toro Loco, Mohawk Warrior, Monster Mutt Rottweiler, Black Stallion, Higher Education, After Shock, and Krazy Train! It’s going to be a fun 4 show weekend, and we can’t wait to catch up with our New England fans once again!

The XL Center Went Wild For Week #6 In 2015

Zane, Buddy, and Stinger hauled 300 miles up north to make their first appearance at the XL Center in Hartford, CT for another three show weekend with Monster Jam! This weekend would be one for the books, as it was Zane’s first time competing against 11 time Monster Jam world champion Tom Meents driving Max-D.

The Saturday afternoon show started with the wheelie contest, and Zane finished in 5th place with a score of 26 out of a possible 40 points. Obstacle course went a little better as Stinger was seeded 3rd place with a time of 26.05 seconds. In the donut contest, it would be another 3rd place finish for Zane, this time scoring a 31. The show wrapped up with freestyle, and Zane finished 3rd place once more with a 26.

Saturday night started off with a bang as Stinger saw 1st place for the first time in 2015 in the wheelie contest with a 32! Zane was pumped, and that fueled him to want to drive even harder for the rest of the show. In the obstacle course, he finished 3rd place with a time of 21.32 seconds, and then followed it up with another 3rd place finish in the donut contest with a 29. 4th place was the finishing position for Stinger in freestyle, as Zane scored a 28.

The final on Sunday afternoon started off by finishing 3rd once again in the wheelie contest with a 29, then went on by finishing 5th in obstacle course with a 25.06, then 3rd place again in the donut contest with a 26, and to wrap up the whole weekend, yet another 3rd place finish in freestyle with a 28.

Hartford was one of the team’s favorite shows of the year so far, because not only did Zane get to bring home some hardware, but Stinger suffered no breakage in the process! Thanks to all of our Connecticut fans for coming out and supporting us for our 6th consecutive week of action with Monster Jam! Our next stop will be at the FedExForum in Memphis, TN for another weekend of wild and crazy action with Monster Jam; see you there!